Conference Presentations

1. 2014 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting - Tuesday, April 3, 2014
 - Present and Future Formative Assessment Practices
Abstract: While formative assessment is of great value in enhancing student learning, its objectives and content are not well defined. In this structured poster we will elaborate on several different aspects of formative assessment by exploring its present definitions by experts and those in the classroom and a description of formative assessment research on current practices in the national and international context. Field research presents results from in-depth case studies in Northern and Southern California, along with a description of research methodology for identifying classrooms with anticipated exemplar formative assessment practices. The presentation concludes with a discussion of what is missing from current student learning, and how we can use formative assessment to enhance and modify daily instruction. (Click for the full abstract)

 - Chair: Julio E. Lopez-Ferrao, National Science Foundation
 - Discussant: Jamal Abedi, University of California - Davis

 (1) Formative Assessment According to Experts: A Delphi Approach (Click for the abstract)
        Kathryn N. Hayes, California State University - East Bay

 (2) Formative Assessment and What Is Missing From Student Learning (Click for the abstract)
        Paul E. Heckman, University of California - Davis

 (3) Formative Assessment in the International Context (Click for the abstract)
        Thomas Anh Shirley, University of California - Davis

 (4) Formative Assessment Practices in Northern California Classrooms (Click for the abstract)
        Nancy A. Ewers, University of California - Davis

 (5) What Formative Assessment Practices “Look Like” in Southern California (Click for the abstract)
        Kevin Schaaf, University of California - Los Angeles
        Christine Ong, University of California - Los Angeles
        Joan L. Herman, University of California - Los Angeles
        Deborah M. La Torre Matrundola, University of California - Los Angeles

 (6) Finding Classrooms: Methodology for Identifying Classrooms and Schools for Surveys and Case Studies (Click for the abstract)
        Kimberly Mundhenk, University of California - Davis

 (7) Status of Formative Assessment in Mathematics by State as Reported by State Assessment Directors (Click for the abstract)
        Bahareh Abhari, University of California - Davis

2. 2014 The Center for Advanced Technology in Schools (CATS) Conference - Tuesday, April 29, 2014
    What Formative Assessment Practices Look Like: Results From a Case Study in Southern California (Click for the Poster)
        Christine Ong, Kevin Schaaf, Joan Herman, and Deborah La Torre Matrundola, CRESST/UCLA

3. 2015 The California Educational Research Association (CERA) 94th Annual Conference - December 2015
 (1) Formative Assessment: A Bridge to Math Reasoning  (Click for the abstract)
        Christine Ong; Deborah La Torre Matrundola; Kevin Schaaf; Rene Levario; Theresa Butler, UCLA CRESST 

 (2) Formative Assessments: Opportunities for Learning (Click for the abstract)
        Huy Chung; Jamal Abedi; Bahareh Abhari; Leslie Banes, University of California - Davis

4. 2016 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  (NCTM) 94th Annual Meeting - April 13–16, 2016
 (1) Complementary approaches to formative assessment in mathematics (Click for the abstract)
       Deborah M. Torre Matrundola, Huy Chung, Christine Ong, Jamal Abedi, Kevin Schaaf, Bahareh Abhari, and Leslie Banes

5. 2016 UC Davis Postdoctoral Research Symposium - May 18
 (1) Formative assessments in mathematics effects on both teachers and students (Click for the abstract)
       Huy Chung, University of California - Davis

6. 2017 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting- April 27–May 1, 2017 (Click for the full abstract)
(1) Structured poster session
    Chair: Jamal Abedi,, University of California - Davis 
    Discussant: Susan Brookhart,, WestEd (Click for the discussion material)
    Session Organizer: Huy Quoc Chung,, University of California - Irvine 
    A. Universe of formative assessment components (UFAC)  (Click for the poster)
       Leslie Banes, Hansol Lee, & Bahareh Abhari - University of California - Davis

    B. Resources for Formative Assessment: A Report on the Smarter Balanced Digital Library  (Click for the poster)
       Heidi Kroog - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

    C. The Promise of Innovative Methodologies for ELs in Formative Assessment  (Click for the poster)
         Rebecca Kopriva, Laura J. Wright, & Moni McGlone Wisconsin Center for Education Research

    D. Eliciting All Students’ Conceptual Knowledge to Inform Instruction and Take Action  (Click for the poster)
      Deborah M. La Torre, Christine Ong, Joan Herman, & Kevin Schaaf - CRESST / University of California Los Angeles

    E. Teacher Use of Formative Assessment Data (Click for the poster)
       Huy Chung, Susan Rowe, & Hansol Lee - University of California - Davis

    F. Impact of Formative Assessment on the Academic Performance of Middle School Students (Click for the poster)

(2) Paper presentations
    A. Improving Explanations: A Formative Assessment Intervention (Click for the paper)
        Susan E. Rowe, Leslie C. Bane, & Jamal Abedi -  University of California -Davis 

7. 2018 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting- April 13–April 17, 2018 (Click for the full abstract)

Abstract: Formative assessment (FA) has been reported as an important educational practice in learning the content/subject in classrooms (Datnow, Park, & Wohlstetter, 2007). However, there remains a question of how to incorporate FA into students’ learning, and to better guide teachers’ instruction (Stiggins & Chappius, 2006). In an effort to seek answers to the question, this session focuses on the effectiveness of FA and an accessible and valid FA system. In particular, we will discuss the development and implementation of a FA system to meet needs from different standpoints during the current standardized test reform movement. The presenters will engage in discussions around various components and projects developed regarding FA from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

(1) Structured poster session
    Chair: Jamal Abedi,, University of California - Davis  
    Discussant: Joan Herman,, CRESST / University of California Los Angeles
    Session Organizer: Yu Zhang,, University of California - Davis

    A. Hierarchical Linear Models for the Effect of Formative Assessment on Mathematics Learning  (Click for the paper)
       Yu Zhang, Susan Rowe, & Kristine Christianson - University of California - Davis

    B. A Systemic Review of Formative Assessment: Efficacy and Characteristics (Click for the paper)
       Hansol Lee, Huy Chung, - University of California - Irvine
        Jamal Abedi*, Susan Rowe*, and Roxanne Rashedi*- University of California - Davis

    C. Qualitative Interviews Studies for Formative Assessment of Middle School (Click for the paper)
         Roxanne Rashedi, Yu Zhang, Bahareh Abhari*, Susan Rowe*, Kimberly Mundhenk*, Leslie Banes*,& Nancy Ewer*
        - University of California - Davis

    D. Refining Instruments for a Formative Assessment Intervention: IRT Modeling and DIF Analyses (Click for the paper)
          Susan Rowe  - University of California - Davis

    E. Examining Dreams and Considering Possibilities: Reflections on a Formative Assessment Intervention Study (Click for the paper)
       Joan Herman,& Christine Ong  CRESST / University of California Los Angeles